United They Fall: Some Methodists Escape to Sanity

Thankfully, many United Methodists are splitting off from the pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-socialist, anti-scripture, anti-morality, anti-Christ denomination. Allegedly with 12 million members (let's call for an audit), this mainline denomination seems to have been mainlining drugs for many decades. Now the remnant within is being separated out leaving the chaff to blow away. The bigger issue though, in any age, but especially in the age of BEL's Big Ugly List of Liberals Supporting Pedophiles, and our Superfluous List of Christian Leaders Going Gay, is that like the doomed Southern Baptist Convention, the United Methodists have the audacity to actually VOTE on God's law. What could go wrong? Where'd they ever get the notion that this would be a good idea? Bob relates this catastrophe of democracy to that in the world at large. For blind guides cry power of the people as their civilized way of garroting lady justice! Also, Bob mentioned but never got to today's Puerto Rico earthquake, which our RSR Earthquake Warning Policy page could have helped authorities better prepare for.

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