Tonight in theaters! But first, Tim Mahoney's here on RSR

Sold seats for Patterns 3 at Colo Mills for tonight's film
Colo Mills 4 p.m.

Bob Enyart urges you to go to the movies tonight! (Just enter your zip code for tickets and nationwide theater locations.) Fred Williams and I will be at the Colorado Mills theater in Golden, Colorado with our wives to see Tim Mahoney's Patterns 3: The Red Sea Miracle! And for now, sit back and enjoy Bob's interview, on the "day of" with the filmmaker himself!

In Colorado? If you're in the Denver area, please join Bob to fill up the Colorado Mills theater in Golden! (See image, right, showing seats taken and seats available, as of Tuesday 4 p.m.)

Mahoney has turned what was the weakest area in apologetics into a treasure house of of extrabiblical evidence corroborating the Israelites' seminal event.

So tonight, Tuesday, February 18th at 7 p.m. at a theater near you, your presence is cordially requested... providing, of course, that you buy a ticket and invite at least one other person to go to the movies with you! :)

And, based on Mahoney's work, see our own List of Evidence for the Exodus page at