Roberts & Gorsuch Prove Republican Judicial Crisis

Bob's photo of Edmee & Bevelyn

Bob Enyart thanks the abolitionists who gave $1,700 all of which Denver Bible Church has sent for emergency relief to Nairobi, Kenya where the shutdown is likely to kill more people than the disease. Bob also mentions our friends Edmee and Bevelyn, two black gals who have been preaching in CHAZ (as tweeted out by Diamond and Silk, Matt Walsh, and thousands of others) and who this month were arrested back east for protesting at an abortion clinic while authorities approved of leftist protests occuring simultaneously. Bob also discusses the Republican as evidenced once again by Republican justices, including this time John Roberts and Neal Gorsuch, further unravel America's moral fabric. (See below for the bogus Kavanaugh "dissent".) Then BEL gets to the penultimate "Stop the tape! Stop the tape!" airing of Bob's debate from the 1990s with a Calvinist pastor in which Bob shares that "hope" is knowledge influenced by love and mercy, whereas a Calvinist thinks that God "hoping" would be a sign of weakness and error. See also's Verses Category 3 and Category 1.

Today's Resource: Predestination & Free Will Seminar
Predestination%20%26%20Free%20Will%20set%20.jpg__06743.1412612118.pngSo much is at stake when people consider predestination and free will. Strong emotions often surface with a discussion of this topic. That passion points to our critical need to understand the truth regarding whether or not God has predetermined who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Also, the question of whether or not God has planned out each person’s life affects us. Does God have a plan for your life? Does a blueprint exist for your future? Did God predetermine whether or not you would get married, and to whom? Did God plan whether you would be wealthy or poor, happy or sad? If God does plan your life, does He do so in minute detail or in general themes? If God has a plan for your life, are you able to alter that plan? This topic directly influences people concerning how they live their lives. As Christians, we must seek God to accurately portray the LORD to others. For any misrepresentation of God will dishonor Him and perhaps bring harm to those misled.

You can now order the seminar video in a 3-DVD set or MP4 video download.

* Brett Kavanaugh's "Dissent" was Nothing but Process: To find this legal-positivist justice's dissent in Bostock v. Clayton County search (Ctrl-f) for kavanaugh in the opinion's pdf, which includes this...

For several decades, Congress has considered numerous bills to prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. But as noted above, although Congress has come close, it has not yet shouldered a bill over the legislative finish line. In the face of the unsuccessful legislative efforts (so far) to prohibit sexual orientation discrimination, judges may not rewrite the law simply because of their own policy views. Judges may not update the law merely because they think that Congress does not have the votes or the fortitude. Judges may not predictively amend the law just because they believe that Congress is likely to do it soon anyway. If judges could rewrite laws based on their own policy views, or based on their own assessments of likely future legislative action, the critical distinction between legislative authority and judicial authority that undergirds the Constitution’s separation of powers would collapse, thereby threatening the impartial rule of law and individual liberty. As James Madison stated: “Were the power of judging joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for the judge would then be the legislator.” The Federalist No. 47, at 326 (citing Montesquieu). If judges could, for example, rewrite or update securities laws or healthcare laws or gun laws or environmental laws simply based on their own policy views, the Judiciary would become a democratically illegitimate super-legislature—unelected, and hijacking the important policy decisions reserved by the Constitution to the people’s elected representatives.