Flowers on 400 Years of Free Will, and White vs Wilson

* Leighton Flowers Discusses Ken Wilson and James White: Bob Enyart welcomes Dr. Flowers, founder of Soteriology 101, back onto the program to discuss James White's attack on Ph.D. Ken Wilson. Dr. Wilson's thesis powerfully rebutted the old reformed claim that they have recovered the early Calvin-like teachings of the church. Leading church historians, even from the reformed tradition, agree with Ken Wilson's Oxford thesis that these ideas were introduced by Augustine in the fifth century. By the way, Bob Enyart debated James White on whether God can think new thoughts (reformed and many other theologians answer, no) and whether the future is settled or open (and they answer, settled). So we're not neutral.

* Bob's James White Prediction: Bob predicts that James White will never again initiate any argument to the effect that first century Christians taught the Calvinist version of "free" will. Bob has also called on White to apologize to Ken Wilson and retract his relevant video (which is excerpted by Soteriology 101; see below). Sadly though, Bob does not expect White to do either, nor to retract any of the false arguments he has used against Dr. Wilson. 

Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam with a puppet controller and strings, as the cover of a BEL seminar CD- Related BEL Resources: with Soterioloty 101 asking "So, where did God's freedom go?" for Pt. 2 of our 2018 interviews with this great theologian for Christians Taught Free Will for their First 300 Years from Marston & Forster
- (today's program, just above) Flowers on 400 Years of Free Will, and White vs Wilson aka
Luther and Calvin Wrong about Augustine Being Orthodox from 2019
- R.C. Sproul Jr. & White basically deny the incarnation in the Enyart/White debate aftermath
- Bob's look at the painfully fun video (below) at aka for today's discussion (above) of... well, brace yourself, for this...

Augustinian Sympathizer: As noted by Marston & Forster, Oxford professor of historical theology Alister McGrath, an Augustinian sympathizer, nonetheless admits that:

The pre-Augustinian theological tradition is practically of one voice in asserting the freedom of the human will.
 - Alister McGrath, Iustitia Dei: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification, 1998, p. 20

* Leading Calvinists Denying the Incarnation: The shocking aftermath from Bob Enyart's debate with James White involving him and R.C. Sproul Jr. in this 2-minute video with excerpts from The Battle at the Palace: