Sodom located! Secular archaeologists agree with Dr. Steven Collins!

Discovering the City of Sodom by Collins & Scott, cover* One of RSR's Most Important Programs EVER! Biblical archaeologist Dr. Steven Collins has been convincing a lot of secular archaeologists that the ruins of Sodom are located exactly where Genesis 13 locates that historical city. On Real Science Radio today Collins adds great corroboration to our previous interview with Dr. Phillip Silvia about the major Bronze Age city at this location. In the time of Abraham, everything above ground in this city of Sodom was obliterated in an explosive aerial burst of intense heat that demolished the buildings exploding countless clay pots and melting many portions of the resulting potsherds into glass. The catastrophe left the richly arable land salt saturated and non-arable and abandoned for the next five centuries.

* City Discovered! Dr. Collins' Discovering the City of Sodom, published by Simon & Schuster's Howard Books, gets accolades from the director of the archaeological dig at Gath in the West Bank, Aren Maeir, from the archaeological architect of the digs at the Western Wall and Southern Wall of the Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter Excavations of the Old City of Jerusalem Leen Ritmeyer, and the University of Liverpool emeritus professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages Alan Millard. Want to visit the ruins of Sodom? You can spend time on the dig site at the ruins of Sodom for a couple days or longer in January, February, and March 2021. Bob Enyart's God's Criminal Justice SystemJust click on over to to support or even to get involved with Dr. Collin's excavation!

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