The DOCTA at the Debate

God's Not Dead! And Neither is Les!

Feldick Lives! Bob Enyart apologizes and reports that rumors of Les Feldick's passing were greatly exaggerated.

Bob concludes Monday's discussion titled Ginsburg, Barrett, & Billy Graham all meet the DOCTA. BEL reports on the news, history, science, economics, etc. from a Christian worldview and to constantly reinforce how to apply biblical principles. That's what Jesus did as you'll recall from the Gospels, and at and from our program The Hudson River Landing was not a Miracle. Today, Bob gives a quick review of the D in DOCTA, and then goes through the rest of the letters as they stand for the themes highlighted on this program and at Denver Bible Church. And from that context, Bob begins with only a brief comment about last night's debate, stating that if someone had brought up The Lincoln Proposal it would have been thrilling. But, as it stands, it was not. (Bob is thankful that Dr. Steve Jacobs at Illinois Right to Life is promoting a fabulous idea that the personhood / abortion abolition movements should consider, urging President Trump to issue an executive order instructing that all agencies of the executive branch recognize and uphold the right to life of the unborn child. As a caveat, the first three paragraphs of the current draft letter to Donald Trump terribly, in fact, grotesquely, exaggerates his protection of the unborn child. But praying that the mere implementation of the proposal can be fixed, the goal itself is solid and does not violate the biblical principles enunciated at,, nor

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