Real Science Radio/Crawford COVID-19 Update II with Dr. Behe

* Wrote about Chlorquine before Chloroquine was Cool: The history of chloroquine and malaria provides vital insight into the theory of evolution and the possible future COVID-19. As a public service during the coronavirus pandemic and brought to you by the Crawford family of radio stations, RSR co-host Bob Enyart interviews famed biochemist Michael Behe, groundbreaking author of Darwin's Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, and Darwin Devolves. Dr. Behe helped launch the worldwide intelligent design movement of Ph.D. scientists exposing the failure of the theory of evolution to explain life's diversity. He's written on the history of chloroquine and its effect on the protozoa pathogen that causes malaria (a Plasmodium). That fascinating account reveals a stunning defect in the theory of evolution and also alerts us to the clear possibility that SARS-CoV-2 may mutate, and if so, it could create a second wave of challenging infections.

* Programming Notes:
- In 2019 RSR interviewed Dr. Behe on Darwin Devloves 
- Today we aired two programs. Just fyi, the first one is here!
- We have drug updates including on the controversy at

Bob Enyart's molecular COVID YouTube sermon...

Today's Resource: Does God Exist? (Debate)
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* COVID-19 Deaths: Updated for April 5, 2020. See for the latest.

Coronavirus infections and deaths graphs through April 5, 2020