Hear from Barrett but first from Bob interviewed by the Post

Denver Post quotes Bob Enyart after Ruth Ginsburg's death* Saja Hindi: Today's program begins with this morning's secretly-recorded audio when a local reporter, Saja Hindi, from the Denver Post interviewed Bob Enyart about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Colorado's Proposition 115. Hindi gets the first quote right: "Without a single justice on the Supreme Court who acknowledged the unborn's right to life, how is abortion about to end?" The next quote though she botches, not by misquoting but by ending the point in midstream. She quotes Bob, accurately, as saying:

I realize that the Republicans have to gin up their base and say, This is our opportunity to end abortion.

But as you can hear in the recording broadcast on today's program, Saja omitted the second half of the point:

And the Democrats have to gin up their base and say, Abortion is about to end in America. So they're all lying to each other. They're lying to themselves. They want to be lied to.

* Amy Barrett: Then Bob presents a lengthier segment of Amy Coney Barrett's 2016 discussion of how judicial philosophy may affect the court's ruling. Notice how she volunteers mention of "abortion rights" and the matter-of-fact bureaucratic efficiency Barrett brings to the discussion of the slaughter of the innocent. The program concludes with a brief excerpt out of Vincent Bugliosi's Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away with Murder: "David Kennedy, professor of history at Stanford University, in writing about politicians, says: “With the possible exception of lawyers, we hold no other professionals in such contempt. Who among us can utter the word ‘politician’ without a sneer?” Conventional logic would seem to dictate, then, that since a judge is normally both a politician and a lawyer, people would have an opinion of them lower than a grasshopper’s belly. But on the contrary, a $25 black cotton robe elevates the denigrated lawyer-politician to a position of considerable honor and respect in our society, as if the garment itself miraculously imbued the person with qualities not previously possessed. ... This [elevation] ignores reality." See also kgov.com/republican-judicial-crisiskgov.com/crime, and in condemnation of Proposition 115, AmericanRTL.org/abortion-regulations.