BEL's 2020 Predictions Already Being Confirmed

Large studies and surveys suggest that BEL's List of 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People is, tragically, on target, especially regarding starvation, stress, and suicide. But on the bright side, Bob Enyart's prediction that the shutdown is likely to convince the parents of 300,000 more students to begin homeschooling appears to be on target. For in a large study 80% of parents said they were considering homeschooling with one in four certain, although of course, 95% or so of those "certain" to homeschool won't go through with their claim. As to the terrible predictions coming to pass, in addition to bad news on suicide and stress, Johns Hopkins University just published in Lancet that hunger from the coronavirus shutdown is stunting the growth of 550,000 children and starvation is killing another 10,000, monthly,  worldwide. Bob concludes with the final bit of audio from when he interviewed Newsweek's alleged journalist Lisa Miller about her cover story on homosexuality.