This Time the DOCTA... at the Debate Pt. 2

Today Bob concludes the series, of sorts, that began with last week's Ginsburg, Barrett, & Billy Graham all meet the DOCTA and continued with yesterday's This Time the DOCTA Really Was at the Debate ending with today's This Time the DOCTA... at the Debate Pt. 2. And yes, the prognosis remains bad. Very bad. President Donald Trump was basically asked, Aren't you trying to end abortion? And his obviously sincere and honest answer was, No, of course not. Why would you even say that? Hear for yourself the audio clip from the debate and then hear, back to back, Amy Barrett's own matter-of-fact discussion of the "right" to kill your unborn child. And then check out and

Today's Video Resource: Get out of the Matrix

Get%20Out%20of%20the%20Matrix_converted.jpgBob takes on a college professor and her philosophy class in a debate regarding absolutes. Who wins? The students have been taught that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, so Bob asks them if that is absolutely right. And they’ve been taught that they can only know that which their five senses have told them, so Bob asks them which of their five senses told them that.

Is the lack of intellectualism in this college class representative of American higher education? You can decide as you view this video, one of Bob’s most extraordinary presentations.