The coronavirus, its genome, and 3 little antibodies...

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* NYT's Insightful Charts: Click chart for more. As fatalities average 1,800 deaths daily and higher, for that duration COVID-19 was the #1 cause of death in America...

NYT's daily COVID death chart with 7-day avg

* Wuhan Flu: This map of China with the widely-recognized SARS-CoV-2 virus graphic superimposed is to not let their communist government get away with the lies and horrific behavior that ignited the pandemic. See this point made in Pastor Bob Enyart's 3/29/20 sermon (to be posted on this page) as he's expecting to preach it at (the presumed empty) Denver Bible Church, and see just below for our 1/29/20 RSR CoV program.

Wuhan flu map

Babylon Bee: Coronavirus impacts men, women more than all other genders combined

Dear CNN, please note. The satirical Babylon Bee story just above is fake whereas the following medical graphic is real.  

Coronavirus discriminates, attacks males and females almost exclusively...


25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People graphic


SARS-CoV-2 CCP (Wuan) flu
CCP's cover-up helped infect the world

Sprial-Health.jpg* Special Mid-week RSR Episode: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews molecular biologist Dr. Kevin Anderson, director of the CRS Van Andel research center in Arizona on the coronavirus outbreak. Reportedly, early patients had connections to a seafood and animal market in Wuhan and, as reason for concern, Americans evacuated from that Chinese city land in Southern California. Thankfully though, already, the full genome of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus strain has been sequenced and made available publicly to researchers worldwide.

Coronavirus: First time in history we can save the human race by laying in front of the T.V.* On RSR Only: This early in the epidemic, as an RSR connection that you'll likely get no where else, remember that in October 2019 the journal Science reported on a huge breakthrough against the flu effective for apparently all known human and non-human strains. A family of three targeted antibodies disable all of the many varied forms of a viral protein by essentially putting a physical "loop" through the "gears" of the very mechanism used to spread the disease throughout the body. So, while a pandemic of course is possible, RSR remains optimistic because of such extraordinary developments! So stay tuned! Also, a 2018 Nobel prize winner has just confirmed something that Bob and Kevin said on air four years ago, that (among all the ways that Darwinism has hindered science), biology professors thought that killer immune system cells were "too weird evolutionarily" to even exist. That helps to explain why for "more than 100 years, medical researchers [most of them] concluded that the immune system and cancer simply had nothing to say to each other. ... Cancer immunotherapy was condemned as a quaint if simplistic idea based on... bad [non-Darwinian] science." And for other related programs, see

Denver Post 1/20/20 quoting CRTL's Bob Enyart on the rights of the unborn

* Denver Post's Shelley Bradbury: In her report, Can a baby be abused in the womb?, a question not unlike, can a black be a racist (which itself is a racist question, demeaning, and shouldn't have to be asked), Bradbury quotes a CRTL spokesman...

Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right To Life, said Wednesday he’d be glad to see such prosecutions. "That would be awesome," he said. "If the mother does drugs and her baby is born with an addiction, that is child abuse. We need to love our children and not treat them like disposable trash."

Colorado RTL has long pushed to establish personhood for unborn babies, and the issue has been put to the state's voters three times. Even though those who kill unborn babies commit a felony under the state's unlawful termination statute, Enyart said that law doesn't go far enough.

"It's as if you killed a man and you were charged with murder, but if you killed a woman you were charged with some kind of property crime," he said. "You could intuitively see the insult, and the disgrace that is, to dehumanize a whole sector of our society."

Evidence_against_the_BB-Blu-ray__30612.1479529581.pngToday's Resource: Evidence Against the Big Bang When people wonder what evidence exists for the Big Bang, many ask Google. And not surprisingly, when folks search for: evidence against the Big Bang, Google sends most of them on over to Real Science Radio's List of Evidence Against the Big Bang. Yet this is surprising: When NASA urges you to trust the theory because of its confirmed "predictions", folks who Google: big bang predictions, also find RSR's article ranked #1!

This video can help prepare you for the coming revolution in cosmology. The nine pieces of evidence presented herein are bringing people out of the failed science of the 1900s and into the 21st century demanding truth regarding both the origin of universe and ultimately, the origin of ourselves.

And now, let's leave out the word "predictions" and leave out the word "against". Increasingly, when scientists and others just Google: big bang evidence, the search engine is sending them on over to RSR's evidence AGAINST the Big Bang! So whether you are a creationist or even if you're dug in still defending the old scheme on the origin of the cosmos, you'll want to watch this video to catch up with the latest amazing science on the big bang! 


Former NASA Cassini Saturn mission lead ground systems administrator David Coppedge:
"Great work on the Big Bang video! It's excellent. You did your homework and the information is presented clearly at the right level for most people. I like how you preemptively close off comeback arguments from materialists."
Coppedge is a board member of the group that produced the Privileged Planet video.

Australian physicist, cosmologist, professor, and award-winning co-creator of the world's most precise clock, physicist Dr. John Hartnett:
"I recommend that you buy and watch RSR's Big Bang video! I find it to be excellent. During RSR's on-air debate with Lawrence Krauss, this leading big bang proponent said that, 'All evidence overwhelmingly supports the big bang.' So RSR began assembling a list of peer-reviewed evidence against the paradigm which led to this great video!"

Evidence Against the Big Bang - Blu-ray, DVD or Video Download


* As to Whether a Virus is Alive: Dr. Anderson mentioned the debate that virologists have as to whether a virus is alive and he indicated his judgment that it is not. Consider also when the culture denies that an unborn baby is alive (see next section), yet many such pro-abortion people will claim that a virus is alive, or that amino acids made in the lab are alive. That's an example of great hypocrisy. Massive worldwide study of biologists reveal consensus that human life begins at conceptionA University of Chicago 2018 study of biologists from over 1,000 institutions shows 95% of 5,500 biologists know that human life begins at fertilization. The other 5% are so obsessed with dismembering unborn children that they lie about the most fundamental science in the own field of expertise. And the left, that cries scientific "consensus consensus" about matters with much less consensus, of course, out of bloodlust, couldn't care less about this consensus.

"We Don't Know When Life Begins" Ten thousand times over the Roe v. Wade opinion has been quoted approvingly by those who advocate the killing of unborn children. That opinion, passed by a Republican majority and authored by Republican justice Harry Blackmun, claimed in Section IX, "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins." Of course, scientifically speaking, biologists (and much of the world) have long known when life begins. See ARTL's The Beginning of Biological Life. Regarding Darwin, it turns out that many "pro-choicers" are also evolutionists. Darwinists themselves should ask the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to correct a misleading exhibit headline which refers to the 1952 Miller/Urey experiment which synthesized amino acids. The museum's exhibit is titled: Replicating Life in the Lab? It’s been sixty years! Don’t they know yet if they made life or not? Their question mark is insufficient to counterbalance this false report, since amino acids are building blocks of biological life, but they are not life. They're acids. So realize the contradictory views held by so many pro-aborts:

Most Pro-aborts: Life, Not Life


COVID-19 stats as of March 11, 2020

* The Cure May Be Worse Than The Disease:

Graphic depicting the idea that COVID kills like Manson; the shutdown kills like Stalin

* And Not Losing Mankind's Sense of Humor: