Yes, Rampant U.S. Racism is Systemic! Among Blacks That Is.

And, among Hispanics too. But who's counting. Black Lives Matter to the cops not to Black Lives Matter, as we (and every person of understanding) have already said. Today we talk about one of the reasons why racism is not systemic among caucasians but is systemic, and largely unchecked, among blacks. Bob also points out the obvious, that Black Lives Matter reveres mostly only thugs, addicts, criminals, and drunks. Oh, and by the way, try using Google as a tool to find out about the problem of racism among blacks. G-o-o-d LUCK! Bob also previews news we'll be reporting soon, of confirmation of a major cause of Alzheimers, which is a virus that causes a widespread sexually transmitted disease. Finally, Bob presents our sixth episode of the first-ever televised debate on predestination between him and Michigan pastor Brian Schwertley. Bob presents powerful passages from Scripture, as at showing that God, being a person, was able to and did change the timing of the Second Coming!

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* Ballotopedia News: Today, June 10, 2020, in Coloradans will decide a ballot initiative in November that would prohibit abortions after 22 weeks gestational age:

Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right to Life, told Rewire.News, "Our misguided pro-life allies have presided over decades of regulating child-killing. You don’t regulate crime; you deter crime."

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