Biblical Apologetic for America's Constitutional Monarcy Pt. 2

Gods_government_store__.jpgBob Enyart and Doug McBurney continue discussing our Biblical Apologetic, at, for The Proposed Constitution of America. The founding fathers, the David Bartons of the world, and many Christian educators have been historical revisitionists. They've claimed, wrongly, that God's disapproval of Israel’s demand for a king demonstrates that He is opposed to nations being governed by a monarchy. See though at our proposal begins, "A constitutional monarchy governs America." Listen to today's program to hear, or see the Scriptures at our Apologetics page, documenting that long before Israel demanded a king, God had planned to establish a throne in Jerusalem which the Messiah Jesus Christ would later inherit.

Today's Resource: Join Bob Enyart as he explores God's Principles of Government. From Against Democracy where we look at the biblical principles related to the idea of majority rule, to a Representative Republic and its similarities with democracy, to a real Alternative to Democracy, to what a Bible-based Constitution actually looks like, after this series, the Scriptures' principles of governance will permeate your thinking like never before! Or your money back. (Really.)


Denver Post 1/20/20 quoting CRTL's Bob Enyart on the rights of the unborn

* Denver Post's Shelley Bradbury: In her report, Can a baby be abused in the womb?, a question not unlike, Can a Hispanic be a racist?, which shouldn't have to be asked, Bradbury quotes a CRTL spokesman...

Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right To Life, said Wednesday he’d be glad to see such prosecutions. "That would be awesome," he said. "If the mother does drugs and her baby is born with an addiction, that is child abuse. We need to love our children and not treat them like disposable trash."

Colorado RTL has long pushed to establish personhood for unborn babies, and the issue has been put to the state's voters three times. Even though those who kill unborn babies commit a felony under the state's unlawful termination statute, Enyart said that law doesn't go far enough.

"It's as if you killed a man and you were charged with murder, but if you killed a woman you were charged with some kind of property crime," he said. "You could intuitively see the insult, and the disgrace that is, to dehumanize a whole sector of our society."