Jordan Hall on The Boy who Came Back from Heaven

* Heaven Tourism: Jordan Hall, founder of Pulpit and Pen, talks to Bob Enyart about The boy who came back from heaven, the fraudulent book heroically recanted by it's young co-author. Alex Malarkey, six years old at the time of his terrible automobile crash, was turned into a sensation by his father Kevin who wrote the best-selling, though fake, book. Jordan tells the story of the Southern Baptist Convention's Lifeway bookstore chain that promoted the overtly fictitious account as "a true story", and about Alex' open letter published at Hall's Pulpit and Pen website. The occasion of Bob and Jordan talking was Hall's Public Notice of Intent to Defy Supreme Court Ruling in Our Hiring Decisions in the Montana Daily Gazette. Other than brief mentions the guys never got around to discussing the U.S. Supreme Court's  Bostock v. Clayton County opinion that no one is permitted to discriminate on the basis of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. Denver Bible Church and Bob Enyart Live agree with Jordan's expressed defiance of the tyrannical immoral court.