Now Matt Slick Cross-Examines Will Duffy on Open Theism

Rerun: * Brief Global Warming Update: As part of our ongoing fake news exposé at, today Bob Enyart reports on the record snowfall in parts of Alaska (18 feet annually up from 8 feet for centuries).

* Slick Cross-Examination of Duffy: Bob airs the beginning of Matt Slick's cross-examination of Will Duffy. However, five minutes into his allotted 30-minute time, Matt Slick stops questioning Duffy about open theism and completely turns the topic to something he evidently is more comfortable discussing: Calvinism. At that point, Matt Slick asks Will about total depravity, God predestining people to hell, and whether an individual has to be predestined to believe or if on his own he can accept God's offer of salvation. These are fascinating topics, and directly relevant to the following day's Calvinism debate. But it seems telling that after only five minutes, Matt switched over from his open theism debate notes to his Calvinism debate notes, and stayed there for the remainder of his time. At one point, Will Duffy even said, "I'm not a Calvinist" and, "I don't interpret the Bible the way Calvinists do."   

* The Parties and the Laws of Logic: Will Duffy is the founder of (the official home of the debate) and Matt Slick is the founder of, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Topics presented in today's broadcast include that the laws of logic flow from God and that God can change. Matt Slick makes an unsound argument claiming that if God changed in any way, that the laws of logic would be ruined. Of course, changes in God, like when He humbled Himself, when He experienced the Incarnation, etc., can occur without undermining truth or the three laws of logic.