Venting the BEL Studio on CBS News (and other hangups)

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Lib takes hydroxychlorquine, hopes to die to prove Trump wrongBeing angry at Fake News CBS, Bob Enyart takes advantage of being a talk show host (as he's not wont to do) and spends a few minutes endulging his anger by blasting CBS for their "Man dies taking drug Trump touts" headline. This widely-reported intentional fake news could scare people suffering from COVID-19 prescribed hydroxychloroquine and will waste the precious time of physicians during this pandemic when patients ask their doctors, "Is this safe? I heard it killed a man!" Alleged journalists. Bob then excitedly reports that special coronavirus episodes of Real Science Radio sponsored by Crawford Broadcasting will begin airing once a week in Portand, Oregon (and in a second half hour on KLTT in Denver), and possibly on other Crawford stations. Also, you can see the YouTube video of Bob's DBC sermon from yesterday at And the BEL telethon has reached $36,300 of our $40,000 goal. Wow, thank you all! And what's more, a $10,000 matching offer, and if that comes through, we'd blow through our telethon goal and hit $56,300! So if you can help, please call 303-463-7789 or click on over to

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A screenshot of Fake News on this from CBS: On 3/25/20 CBS intentionally misreported that a man who injested an aquarium cleaning product has taken the "drug" mentioned by President Trump. This widely-reported intentional fake news could scare people suffering from COVID-19 who may be prescribed hydroxychloroquine and it certainly can waste time in thousands of doctor's visits where this drug may be prescribed and the patients ask their doctors, "Is this safe? I heard it killed a man." The mainstream media is filled with alleged journalists.

CBS' Fake News on chloroquine "drug" that was actually a cleaning product.

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