Tucker, there ain't no Venusians! And criticize global warming correctly

Tell Tucker Carlson (quoting Arvin Ash), "Those shy aliens that only seem to show up in fuzzy pictures and remote areas of the United States." Arvin's got that right. See rsr.org/UFOs. Tucker, on the other hand, thinks that the phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus somehow justifies his embarrassing interest in UFOs. More to the point however, this discovery as published in Nature Astronomy and listed at rsr.org/biological-material-in-space has confirmed Bob Enyart's Feb. 21, 2014 prediction that, "By 2020 (just to put a date on it), powerful and less disputed evidence of biological matter scattered in the solar system will be added to the currently existing apparent evidence." RSR's report lists discoveries published in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 all confirming yet another rsr.org/creationist-science-prediction! By the way, when folks search online for: biological material in space, Google ranks our article #1. Fox News Channel's Tucker isn't doing well in his science claims this week, as he's also blown his criticism of global warming crazies. Listen in for the explanation. And finally, Bob continues yesterday's program discussing the kgov.com/different-messages contrasting what Jesus and His apostles preached in the Gospels as compared to what Paul preached in his epistles.