The Guy Who Put Two Words Together: Open & Theism!


* The Future is Open: Dr. Richard Rice, Loma Linda theology professor and a leading advocate of open theism, is interviewed by Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart. (Enyart is the co-founder of Dr. Rice's book, The Openness of God, was published in 1980, 14 years before he co-authored the famed 1994 book by the same name that he co-authored with Pinnock, Hasker, Basinger, and Sanders. Rice and Enyart have a relaxed and very interesting discussion of open theism and recent developments, and then go back in history to consider the way that Arminius himself wrestled with the matter.

* Book Blurb: Open theism has reached its adolescence. How did it get here? And where does it go from here? Since IVP's publication of The Openness of God in 1994, evangelical theology has grappled with the alternative vision of the doctrine of God that open theism offers. Responding to critics who claim that it proposes a truncated version of God that fails to account for Scripture and denies many of the traditional attributes of God, open theism's proponents contend that its view of God is not only biblically warranted but also more accurate―with a portrayal of God that emphasizes divine love for humanity and responsiveness to human free will. No matter what one's assessment, open theism inarguably has made a significant impact on recent theological discourse.

Dr. Richard Rice, professor and open theism author* Richard Rice: Now, twenty-five years later, Richard Rice recounts in this volume the history of open theism from its antecedents and early developments to its more recent and varied expressions. He then considers different directions that open theism might continue to develop in relation to several primary doctrines of the Christian faith. BEL's Dr. Rice interviews... 
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* Rome & Greece: Late in the discussion, Bob repeats his line from "The Reformation broke with Rome but not with Greece."

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Today's Resource: Predestination & Free Will Seminar So much is at stake when people consider predestination and free will. Strong emotions often surface with a discussion of this topic. That passion points to our critical need to understand the truth regarding whether or not God has predetermined who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Also, the question of whether or not God has planned out each person’s life affects us. Does God have a plan for your life? Does a blueprint exist for your future? Did God predetermine whether or not you would get married, and to whom? Did God plan whether you would be wealthy or poor, happy or sad? If God does plan your life, does He do so in minute detail or in general themes? If God has a plan for your life, are you able to alter that plan? This topic directly influences people concerning how they live their lives. As Christians, we must seek God to accurately portray the LORD to others. For any misrepresentation of God will dishonor Him and perhaps bring harm to those misled.
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