KHOW's Ross Kaminsky: The Typhoid Mary of E.D.

Chinese abacus* Iowa Caucus Results Meltdown: Don't blame the Iowa Democratic Party for this failure. Counting the number of votes for each of a handful of candidates in 1,681 caucus precincts isn't the most technical part of the job. Then, something called "addition" must be used to combine those local results into a statewide "total". So there are real difficulties involved. It's not like the Obamacare websites were a billion-dollar catastrophe when they were rolled out. Have faith. Meanwhile, someone was overheard behind a closed door yelling at someone else, "You had one job. One job!"

* Disrespect & Worse: Hollywood will never respect women off camera until they respect them on camera. And the NFL too. Bob Enyart discusses the demeaning way that the NFL treats women paying them money to act like pigs during the half-time show, with Glen Beck lamenting that, apparently, he was forced to watch every minute of it. Enyart also discusses his recent interviews with the Denver Post and 5280 Magazine, and ends today's program with a recommendation to some Christians regarding how they evaluate matters such as president Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan.

Denver Post 1/20/20 quoting CRTL's Bob Enyart on the rights of the unborn * Denver Post's Shelley Bradbury: In her report, Can a baby be abused in the womb?, a question not unlike, Can a Hispanic be a racist?, which shouldn't have to be asked, Bradbury quotes a CRTL spokesman...

Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right To Life, said Wednesday he’d be glad to see such prosecutions. "That would be awesome," he said. "If the mother does drugs and her baby is born with an addiction, that is child abuse. We need to love our children and not treat them like disposable trash."

Colorado RTL has long pushed to establish personhood for unborn babies, and the issue has been put to the state's voters three times. Even though those who kill unborn babies commit a felony under the state's unlawful termination statute, Enyart said that law doesn't go far enough.

"It's as if you killed a man and you were charged with murder, but if you killed a woman you were charged with some kind of property crime," he said. "You could intuitively see the insult, and the disgrace that is, to dehumanize a whole sector of our society."

Coincidentally, Reuters news agency on Jan. 30, 2020 reported, "Morphine is routinely stocked at neonatal departments to treat the withdrawal symptoms of babies born to mothers who are addicted."

* 5280 Magazine: Back in 2008, Colorado's largest magazine 5280 reported on our efforts to fight abortion with the DNC in Denver. Now in 2020, you can read 5280's article about Colorado's billboard abortion war and see at ARTL's site the full report of our sign on the mountain.

5280 Magazine reports on CRTL's anti-abortion billboards and our sign on the mountain...
* No Credit To Take; Plenty of Blame: "Reading the rest of the article, you'll notice that the 5280 reporter happened to cast CRTL's work as though I do it all myself," said Enyart. "My CRTL co-workers are wonderful and they would never correct the record, raising this with me or anyone, to get the credit for their hard work. I suspect that to simplify the text, the report translated my words that 'we did such and such' to 'Bob did such and such'. They say success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. Well, in the fight to end the killing of innocent children, and I know the CRTL board agrees with this, the responsibility of widespread failure could get equally widely spread around and there's virtually no success to speak of for anyone to take credit for."

Lust_TGDTP.pngToday's Resource: Lust: The Gateway Drug to Porn.