Jay Sekulow & BLM promoting homosexuals (from eternity past?)

Jay Sekulow and his ACLJ hired homosexual activist and former Trump cabinet member Ric Grenell. See this at kgov.com/superfluous. In the same way that Christians widely use Donald Trump and gamble with his soul in their lust to defeat the (truly evil) Democrats, Sekulow's "Christian Advocates" (dba ACLJ) are using Grenell and risking his eternal soul in their lust to fully expose and defeat Barack Obama and Joe Biden in their treasonous collusion coup attempt against President Trump. Meanwhile, BLM supporters have turned to open murder and attempted murder, as with the stabbing at a Georgia AutoZone and the shooting murder of a pro-Trump caravan organizer in Portland. Bob also continues his discussion of the false doctrine of Exhaustive Foreknowledge and how that undermines the valid doctrines of God being the only necessary being and His self existence throughout eternity past.  (This program, aka Aseity 3, continues BEL's series discussing Bob's article at opentheism.org/aseity. See also Aseity 12, and coming, 4, and 5.)