Dominion Voting meets RSR's Data Security Analyst

Dominion Voting logoReal Science Radio interviews a data security analyst about the security flaws in the Dominion Voting System at the center of a 2020 election scandal. RSR host Bob Enyart was hired by Microsoft in the 1980s because of Bob's writings and work in computer security. Daniel Hedrick is a long-time friend of RSR. This data security analyst to government agencies and some of the world's leading firms lists ways that the Dominion system actually enables election fraud. Then in an election fraud sequel, we interview Joe Oltmann on the heavy connection between Dominion and Antifa. For our And for another RSR program about computers, though on a much more upbeat topic than this one, see

* Daniel hedrick

Suffragette Cheryl Enyart protecting ballot box, 2020

And from The Epoch Times: with the linked video appearing here on Twitter.

Dominion Voting example of cheating from Central Lake Township...

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