If the (14c) Data Doesn't Fit, Just Fix the Data

COVID-19 lethality and transmissability 3/11/20 Elderberry syrup.

Over the hundreds of Real Science Radio episodes we've talked about Carbon 14 (and what it indicates about the age of fossils) with some of the world's leading experts on radiocarbon dating (for example, Dr. Steve Taylor, long-time Head of the Mass Spectrometry Group at the University of Liverpool and author of 160 peer-reviewed papers). Today, by recommendation from a listener who speaks about creation at St. Cloud University in Minnesota, we're interviewing someone who actually built a Carbon-14 research lab! Dr. John Lepera, with a masters in physics from Ball State, presents his experience helping the anthropology department by measuring radiocarbon in peat that formed under a retreating glacier in what is today Muncie, Indiana. The careful results he obtained supported the biblical timeframe, so he was told to do it again, and by using a sample that included some limestone grains with the peat (i.e., a contaminated sample), the results satisfied the requirement of the anthropoligists and please his own academic advisor.

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