Epstein, Clinton, Ghislane. Got it. But then... Dylan Howard on BEL?

Dylan HowardFamed Hollywood investigative journalist, infamous to many, Dylan Howard, talks about Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Alexander Acosta, and Alan Dershowitz. Howard draws on his research for his Epstein book Dead Men Tell No Tales: Spies, Lies, and Blackmail to answer Bob's questions. And for our Big Ugly List of Liberals Supporting Pedophiles, see kgov.com/pedophiles.

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Bob Enyart, America's most popular, self proclaimed, rightwing religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host is the Pastor if Denver Bible Church. Nielsen ratings have shown BEL drawing a larger audience than NBC's Conan O'Brien on a couple nights each week, for example, in South Bend, IN, a top 100 American market with 300,000 households!

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BEL's Epstein Programs:
- 2020 kgov.com/epstein-3 aka kgov.com/dylan-howard-on-bel-re-epstein-maxwell-clinton-acosta-dershowitz (this program)
- 2019 kgov.com/epstein-2 aka kgov.com/get-epstein-hurting-trump-trumps-protecting-clinton
- 2018 kgov.com/epstein-1 aka kgov.com/trump-secy-acosta-impunity-deal-to-sex-trafficker-epstein
- 2015 (updated through 2020) kgov.com/epstein-0 aka BEL's Big Ugly List.

Ron Brock: Our dear friend has gone to be with the Lord. Please see kgov.com/ron-brock and hear his incredible testimony there!