Ginsburg, Barrett, & Billy Graham all meet the DOCTA

God's Not Dead! And Neither is Les!

Feldick Lives! Bob Enyart apologizes and reports that rumors of Les Feldick's passing were greatly exaggerated.

On Today's Program: Bob goes through that acronym D-O-C-T-A which stands for the doctrinal themes Denver Bible Church teaches.

Denver Bible Church

Today's Resource: Open Theism Seminar


Open theism seminar with Bob Enyart on three DVDs!

BEL Seminar in Indianapolis, IN

Another fantastic BEL seminar, this time, on the topic of Open Theism, answering the question, is the future settled or open? The Open View teaches that God can change the future. He interacts with the flow of history and changes the outcome of the future as it unfolds by His decisions and actions.