So, guess what's going to the U.S. Supreme Court

In a quick rundown of news items, Bob reports that Monday Night Football ratings are down 30% to levels not seen since 2004 (yea!:) and that business owners shouldn't take their plywood down until Georgia's presidential election hand recount is resolved and the Supreme Court decides the election fraud cases. Bob also gives an update on the Denver Bible Church lawsuit, filed with friends, over the excessive covid restrictions. Then we preview Friday's Real Science Radio program!

* BEL Producer Darrell Birkey Says: Regarding NFL ratings, the plummeting Monday Night Football viewership is a much bigger deal even than what Bob mentioned on today's program. Remember that in-person stadium revenue has all but disappeared around the league. Last year the Jets averaged 78,000 per game. One would think the inability to attend games would increase football's TV ratings. That makes the 30% decline even worse! Contrast the BLM-obsessed NFL with Major League Baseball! The Cubs regional sports network had an increase in ratings because, of course, people could not go to games! Baseball did some social "justice" messaging, but not nearly to the off-the-charts degree of what the NBA and the NFL did. In comparison, NASCAR which has the national anthem and a prayer before each race, was only down one percent in ratings and that was mostly because eight out of the first 12 races had significant rain delays! :)

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