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Producers of national TV programs use Google Alerts to get immediate notification if the subject of an upcoming segment is mentioned on the web. For that reason, BEL is delaying posting the topic of today's program, which is a soon-to-air segment that will depict a BEL Televised Classics clip in one of the more popular HBO programs. In the meantime though, we invite you to listen to today's program. Mostly unrelated: youtu.be/GdYpFKuAq08. UPDATE: The HBO program has "aired" with its opening segment from our BEL clip, How to Get Out of Jury Duty. The show is so kgov.com/filthy that we've decided not to link to it or even name it in "print" here.

Today's Resource: Monthly BEL TV Classics

BEL%20TV%20CLASSICS%20Template.jpgBob Enyart, America's most popular, self proclaimed, rightwing religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host is the Pastor if Denver Bible Church. Nielsen ratings have shown BEL drawing a larger audience than NBC's Conan O'Brien on a couple nights each week, for example, in South Bend, IN, a top 100 American market with 300,000 households!

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