Donna Rice Hughes on BEL on Netflix Indicted for Cuties


Donna Rice Hughes action against Netflix & "Cuties"Donna Rice Hughes, founder of and long-time warrior hero against poronography and child sexual exploitation, joins Bob Enyart to discuss the indictment of Netflix for child sexual exploitation by a Texas grand jury for their distribution of "Cuties", a film that sexually exploits children under the guise of exposing such exploitation. As the president of Enough is Enough Donna provides tools for families at, she encourages us to sign their petition at, and invites all of us to Bob presented the idea to Donna that not only child, "obscene", and "deviant" pornography should be illlegal but that all sex trafficking, that is, all marketing of human sexual behavior should be recriminalized and that so-called "soft porn" is more addicting than hardcore porn. That is, if the U.S. had commissioners watching pornography and rejecting the "obscene" pornography and only permitting "legal" pornography, America would have even more people addicted than it does today. This is not an argument to permit obscenity but to refocus Christians on the heart of the matter, to recriminalize all trafficking in human sexual behavior.

Today's Resource: The ACLU Debate

ACLU_Debate_converted__94430.1570564249.jpgBob squares off against the Executive Director of the Colorado ACLU, Jim Joy in a televised debate on a Denver PBS station. Watch as joyless Jim hesitantly admits to the ACLU’s support for the sale of child pornography. And which of the two opponents do you suppose will better know (or admit) the ACLU’s own role regarding Jack "The Dripper" Kevorkian and his killing of sick people? Ultimately, the two men debate who is most qualified to govern, pagans, or biblical Christians. Another must see video!