Unrest Alliance: BLM + Antifa. Plus Islam? Yup.

Denver's Islamic terror expert Richard Roy Blake (see kgov.com/richard-blake) joins Bob in studio (pandemic or no pandemic) to remind us of the tragically prominent role that the Denver Islamic community has had in the promotion of terrorism. Keep up with Richard on Facebook and at Amazon you can get his book, co-authored with George Walters and Michael Jurgens, The Stealth Saudi Arabian Takeover of America. And Bob Enyart reminds alleged journalists who claim that Islam is tolerant, that there are no synagogues in Mecca and no churches in the entire country of Saudi Arabia. And for those who say Islam is a religion of peace, remember that Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Islamic countries have Sharia law that calls even for the death penalty for a Muslim who converts to Christianity or some other religion, and some have the same for denigrating even just Mohammad. Bob_Debates_a_Muslim.jpgSo when someone says Islam is a religion of peace, Bob asks, 'Where?" See more at kgov.com/terror.

Today's Resource: Bob Debates a Muslim

In this thriller, Bob debates a Muslim from Chicago. Available as an Audio MP3-CD, or as an Audio MP3 download!