Simple things to (only) slightly more difficult things Pt. 2

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Bob Enyart again moves from a few simple things to understand (from current events) to only slightly more difficult to understand things (from theology). From Clinton's being the exact opposite of the #MeToo movement, and Fauci's AIDS stance being the exact opposite of his COVID stance, to the bright side of 2020! These involve the simplest things to understand. Then, continuing analyzing an article by Matt Slick, the popular Calvinist theologian, Bob moves to something only slightly more difficult to understand, God's relationship to time.

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This is an update of our "Christianity 101" series in egiht parts!

1. The Bible Itself (revelation, inspiration, illumination, canon)
2. God (attributes, trinity)
3. The Created Beings (angels and man; then the animals)
4. The Old Testament (overview)
5. The New Testament (overview)
6. The Overall Plot of the Bible (dispensations; law and grace; Israel and the Body)
7. The End Times and Hell
8. Eternal Life and Heaven