Apologist Koukl Still Tragically Denies His Moral Relativism

* Greg Koukl says "some same sex couples are fabulous": Bob Enyart airs audio from last week, and from twelve years ago, of Greg Koukl, apologist president of Stand to Reason. Koukl tragically denies, and thus defends, his moral relativism back in 2007 (see kgov.com/koukl) encouraging Christians to support admitted Republican candidates who are mass-murderers by their open support for abortion. And still in 2020, he openly exhibits his own moral relativism by claiming, though with clarification, that "some same sex couples are fabulous." And by that, he means, tragically, "fabulous" parents who we can support even in adopting children. Bob let Greg know that we planned to air today and discuss his audio and he replied with the same defense he made years ago. We could say, "We report. You decide." But actually, God decides. (See annotated partial transcript of Koukl's call, below.)

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Today's Resource: Focus on the Strategy 2 Please consider getting this on DVD to make it easier to share with relatives, friends and church members!
“Awesome! Six hundred thumbs up!” Focus on the Strategy II was filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in the Supreme Court chambers of the Colorado State Capitol building during an event marking to the very day the 40th anniversary of America’s first law legalizing abortion for rape and incest.

Focus on the Strategy II not only documents the political sell-out of the pro-life movement, it answers the question of how to restore the movement and end America’s “legalized” child killing. Focus II stands alone, preferably viewed before Focus I, and documents that:

  • Colorado’s Republican Governor John Love signed the nation’s first permissive abortion law in 1967.
  • Republican U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade.
  • The 7-to-2 Roe v. Wade ruling was approved with five a Republican majority of five votes.
  • The Republican Justices now on the Court (including Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts) oppose personhood.
  • All six Republican judges on the 11th circuit (nominated by Reagan, Bush Sr. & George W. Bush) voted to kill Terri Schiavo.
  • Republican “pro-life” heroine Priscilla Owen voted to abort “Baby 10” as a Texas Supreme Court judge.
  • Republican “pro-life” hero Samuel Alito sided with Planned Parenthood in repeated 3rd-circuit rulings, including ruling to keep partial birth abortion legal.
  • Republican George W. Bush refused to support South Dakota’s total ban on abortion.
  • Hundreds of pro-life laws that regulate abortion that will actually keep abortion legal after Roe is overturned such as the Informed Consent laws.

Focus on the Strategy II includes audio and video clips of:

  • Pro-life Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice criticizing National Right to Life and their strategy.
  • Former presidential candidate and Ambassador Alan Keyes exposing as a “pro-life” failure the recent Gonzales v. Carhart partial-birth abortion ruling.
  • Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough condemning the hypocrisy of National Right to Life.
  • A debate excerpt between Steve Ertelt of LifeNews.com and the president of Colorado RTL.
  • Founding board member of Nat’l RTL, John Archibold, condemning NRTL for their immoral and failed strategy.
  • Focus on the Family staff falsely claiming that the recent Carhart ruling outlawed late-term abortion.
  • “Pro-life” nationally-syndicated Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt admitting his willingness to vote pro-choice.
  • Syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham with “pro-life” Bill Kristol on behalf of pro-abortion Rudi Giuliani.
  • National Pro-Life Radio falsely claiming Carhart protected life “from the moment of conception.”
  • Personal correspondence from Dr. Dobson (on letterhead and by his own hand) exposing the tragic secular humanism and moral relativism among our greatest Christian leaders!

In this DVD, longtime Denver talk show host Bob Enyart demonstrates that National RTL has turned over the spiritual direction of our Christian movement to secular lawyers who say that we must obey man rather than God. As a result, the pro-life industry has become primarily a fund-raising wing of the Republican Party. Evidence in Focus on the Strategy II destroys National RTL’s false claim that their child-killing regulations save lives. Since the release of this blockbuster video, National Right to Life and the child-killing regulators have been on the defensive, as the personhood wing of the pro-life movement advances!

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* Partial Koukl Transcript: Considered a solid Christian leader by many thousands of believers (and in many ways beloved by us here at BEL), the founder and host of Stand to Reason, Greg Koukl has tragically stated, beginning at 9:40 into a podcast, that "some same sex couples are fabulous." Please pray for Greg and for the man who phoned in a question, and for all those Greg is not-so-subtly influencing to become moral relativists. Here's what happened...

9:20 A caller asks whether children are better off in foster care or adopted by same sex parents.

9:40 "...some same sex couples are fabulous."

9:56 "Some same sex couples are fabulous. Some same sex couples are deplorable. And actually, the same is true for heterosexual couples." Greg then offers the softest possible objection to one of the fiercest moral dangers of our day, which is homosexuality. (For, "In the public square, biblical Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. One or the other will be in the closet.") He followed that by repeatedly obfuscating with moral relativist utilitarian distinctions about which parents give the "advantage" and which is "better". 

Koukl draws false equivalencies between homosexuality and heterosexual singleness, cohabitation, and bad parenting. Regarding same sex parenting, "there are other things [aspects of their parenting] that may be really good... there are a number of factors that are involved here. ... All things being equal I think it is better for heterosexual couples to raise children."

12:24 "A father brings something different to the relationship than a mother does. Period." Koukl puts much more emphasis on practical distinctions than he does on the far greater matter of the utter perversion and rebellion of homosexuality.

Greg exhibits more fear about how his audience will view him than he does about the child raised in a dystopian world of normalized homosexuality. "Just to show that I'm not unfairly prejudiced here... I don't believe that single people should adopt."

14:50 "What we want to do is to make decisions based on the ideal."

15:45 "This is why it's hard to make a judgment. Are children in foster care better off [being adopted by] same sex couples or better off staying in foster care. It depends on the individual circumstance. I would rather see a child in a reasonably healthy environment with a same sex couple than in an abusive environment with a heterosexual couple." If that isn't moral relativism, then there is no such thing.

16:13 Constantly equivocating on underlying morality and legitimacy, "The big thing is, what's best for the kid... Heterosexual parents are better than same sex parents, on balance."

17:07 "However if this child had no parent whatsoever and was living in the squalor in the street somewhere..." Talk about situational ethics. Would Greg rather see a child rescued from a volcanic eruption by a human trafficker, than be burned alive? Oh brother. Come on. (Here's an actual example. In our 2007 debate Greg was defending pro-abort Rudi Guiliani, who got 3% of the pimary vote, and Christian listeners applied his arguments to pro-abort Mitt Romney of course, who got 22% of the vote, with pro-abort McCain winning. Regarding Romney, the presidential candidate four years later who regarding an unborn child who might end up being raised by a crack-addicted mother, would be only too happy to support the premptive killing of that baby. Or, for that matter, he supported killing any unborn child for any reason, for Romney is the father of tax-funded late-term abortion on demand.)

18:13 "Heterosexual couples bring something more to the parenting environment than same sex couples bring."

19:05 "You've got to start from the standards and work to the circumstances that you're faced with." Which is exactly the opposite of what Greg had just done in yet another text-book case of moral relativism.