Will Duffy's Opening Statement followed by BEL Comments

Rerun: Calvinists we debate say that they trust God's decrees, but that they could not trust God Himself, if God were free. This was overtly exposed again in this weekend's debate between Calvinist theologian Matt Slick, founder of CARM.org, and Will Duffy, founder of OpenTheism.org. Bob Enyart airs Mr. Duffy's opening statement and then goes to the YouTube channel youtu.be/user/BobEnyartLive to respond to a commenter, Mirabilis, about the claim of Open Theism that God is free and has an actual free will, and that therefore the Father loves the Son freely, not by any compulsion or inevitability, but because He chooses to love the Son. Also, the Son loves the Father, and the Holy Spirit, freely. Of course!

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- Duffy's Closing Statement vs. Slick on Open Theism
- Matt Slick's Historic Concession to Openness: "God is not outside of time"
12/1/17: Open Theismyoutu.be/JCNPmLIOnDg (we welcome your comments)
12/2/17: Calvinismyoutu.be/XDA-_SP3J9Y (on our moderated threads)
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