Dominion had means & opportunity, now Oltmann shows motive

Suffragette Cheryl Enyart protecting ballot box, 2020

Bob Enyart interviews Joe Oltmann, the successful businessman who set out to expose Antifa journalists and ended up exposing Dominion Voting Systems' heavy Antifa connection. Famed attorney Sidney Powell mentions Joe Oltmann by name in her election lawsuits filed in federal courts in Georgia and Michigan including that, "Dominion altered its website [by removing Eric Coomer] after Colorado resident Joe Oltmann disclosed" Coomer's relationship with "domestic terrorist organization Antifa." A prosecutor presents means, motive, and opportunity in a criminal case. Two weeks ago we interviewed a top data security analyst on the atrocious security flaws in Dominion Voting Systems. That presented the means. Then, opportunity was everywhere as documented even by media reports and especially hundreds of eye-witness affidavits. Today's program demonstrates motive behind Dominion's role in the extensive 2020 election fraud. See also our first election fraud Dominion interview here.

Today's Resource: God's Principles of Government
Join Bob Enyart as he explores God's Principles of Government. From Against Democracy where we look at the biblical principles related to the idea of majority rule, to a Representative Republic and its similarities with democracy, to a real Alternative to Democracy, to what a Bible-based Constitution actually looks like, after this series, the Scriptures' principles of governance will permeate your thinking like never before! Or your money back. (Really.)