Demo Virus Helping Reelect Trump & Bob Asking You to Help BEL

The virus-panicked media and Democrats are directly helping to reelect Donald Trump. After discussing that Bob Enyart the shares the latest exciting discovery of dinosaur DNA, this time from the skull of a nestling hadrosaur. And he asks you to support our continued outreach as our March BEL Telethon kicks off with $750 already given toward our $40,000 goal. So please help by calling us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) or go to our and consider getting any of our great resources including Tim Mahoney's fabulous Exodus videos! (Do you have part 3 yet, or even 1 and 2?) And to help BEL even more, you can sign up for one of our beloved subscription services!

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"We're in this fear state, but the fear state turns down the immune system. When you spread fear to your friends, it's almost like spreading germs to them. You wouldn't want people to do that to you. We shouldn't do that to other people." ABC News on COVID-19, March 9, 2020