Police Officer Perjures Herself to Help Denver-area Mosque

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[Note: If you're looking for our interview
with Amy Coney Barrett's Notre Dame law professor
Dr. Charles Rice see kgov.com/NDLS.]

On today's program, Bob interviews attorney Matthew Park on the dangers of Islam and Friday's jury verdict against BEL friend Richard Roy Blake. For years Richard has peacefully shared the Gospel with those entering the Denver North Islamic Center. Now, based on trumped up charges and a bogus conviction, he has been ordered to stay away from the public sidewalk there. As a staff attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute, Park fought for Richard even getting a Northglen police officer to admit on the stand essentially that she perjured herself. (At kgov.com/crime we've long warned against justice by committee, that is, against the jury system.) Disregarding the perjury and the video evidence, the politically-correct jury convicted Blake. To honor our courageous friend Richard, if you are willing to join Bob at the Northglenn mosque, please put "mosque" in your email Subject and let us know at Bob@kgov.com.

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