RSR vs. the Giants vs. the Astros

Astronaut in space station with Walt's book (on disc) In the Beginning * Giants and the Bible: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue their discussion of the Bible's mention of giants. (See Part 1 at and Part 3 at

* SpaceX Launch: First though the guys discuss tomorrow's planned NASA/SpaceX launch of two astronauts and introduce the audience to a creationist NASA astronaut. The pilot of the space shuttle's 2010 STS-131 mission supports Dr. Walt Brown's fountains-of-the-great-deep model of the global flood called the Hydroplate Theory. (See below a brief excerpt of NASA's interview video of this astronaut.)

* Creationist Fathers of the Physical Sciences: And the guys take a satirical report from the Babylon Bee, that New York City is dumping in the river all medical treatments based on discoveries made by Christians, and use that to compare the essential role of creationist fathers of the physical sciences as compared to the diversionary role of Charles Darwin. See

* KGOV Wrong About a (non) Fake News Photo: See for the explanation of how BEL came to wrongly conclude the photo of a burning kiosk was fake (after Matt Drudge's use implied wrongly that an L.A. police station had be set on fire).