James Tour on RSR fighting 1) disease and 2) abiogenesis

Dr. James Tour, synthetic chemist, ChristianReal Science Radio host Bob Enyart is optimistic about the scientific assault on the coronavirus. World-renowned scientists like synthetic chemist Dr. James Tour have added so much to our body of knowledge. Regarding life itself, they've taught us how daunting it is to build the molecules needed, let alone assemble them into living cells, and how material things alone could never accomplish such a task and originate life, for life only comes from life. And secondly, they've taught us so much about working at the molecular level that many people are optimistic that targeted antibodies and other technologies are going to defeat COVID-19. So with his 650 published papers, 200 patents, 77,000 citations in the scientific literature, and armed with a tiny nanoprobe designed to seek out and destroy pathogens, Bob Enyart welcomes famed Dr. Tour to RSR. 

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