Reading Headlines from Inside of Bob's Head

Today's we're light on COVID-19 news but we spend some time with a Christian worldview exercise for reading the news. And Bob reports on a study that never really got the attention it deserved and now with the coronavirus is so deeply buried that people drinking themselves to sleep at night will not hear this vital information! An alarming increase in adults 25 to 40 being diagnosed with early-onset cirrhosis have developed this alcohol-caused liver disease by having two drinks a day for women and three drinks a day for men. And welcome to early-onset cirrhosis. Doctors are hearing statements like, "I really thought I'd have another 30 years before I developed a problem." And now they're dying. Such a terrible trend. So Bob talks about the alcohol consumption at his home and briefly what history and the Bible says about Jesus drinking and making wine.

Breaking News: Big update on BEL's March telethon, coming tomorrow!

On our LAST DAY, the BEL March telethon has reached $38,000 of our $40,000 goal. So if you'd like to help put us over the top, please call 303-463-7789 or just click on over to! Also you may have heard that the owner of Dakota Ridge Ranch in Morrison, Colorado has made a $10,000 matching offer but he's put strings on it, saying that his offer won't kick in from multiple people giving amounts that total $10,000, but only if a single person agrees to give $10,000. We don't quite know what to make of this situation here at BEL but of course we're so very grateful to this retired rancher (who, by the way has been day trading for 55 years!!!, an almost certain way to bankrupt your family, but he's excelled :). That would blow the doors off of our telethon and put us at $58,000! So, regardless, we are so grateful to this rancher, to all our friends, and of course mostly, to the Lord! So may God bless you through this pandemic!