Kamala Harris' family owned slaves (yes, but from eternity past?)

Hundreds of black slaves. Her father's name is Donald J (really) and Joe (really), her plantation-owning, slave-owning great great grandfather owned 1,100 slaves listed by name, age, color, and mother in various government documents. Selah. (Note to public school teachers: Selah means pause, or... comma ala cultural appropriation.) BLM needs an expedition to St. Mark's Anglican Church in Brown's Town, Jamaica to tear down the imposing statue of Kamala's slave-owning ancestor. Meanwhile, Bob concludes the discussion of his article over at opentheism.org/aseity with the section titled, What Else Didn't the Son Know? For just like not knowing the timing of the end of WWII, not knowing the timing of the Second Coming means that there is a virtually infinite amount of additional knowledge that must also be lacking. (This program, aka Aseity 5, concludes BEL's broadcast series that began at Aseity 1 and continued with 234, and 5.)