Overdue Executions & Analyzing Benjamin (Shapiro)

* Process and Substance: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney listen in to Ben Shapiro’s analysis of the Texas Election Case and the Supreme Court at a speed that most normal humans can follow.

* Dem’s Can’t Reverse Executions: We congratulate President Trump for his implementation of fast track federal executions, including for murderers Alfred Bourgeois and Brandon Bernard!

* Liberalism Leads to Murder: When a very nice liberal allowed a homeless man to live in his backyard, his misplaced niceness ended up getting him killed.

* They Don’t Want to See: Why does a significant segment of the population insist we must not look at all of the ballots cast in the last election? And why are the same people not demanding increased ICU capacity in light of the rise in Coronavirus cases?

* Dr. Zhivago: Yes, Bob's point on today's show was spot on. And, No, the guys do not recommend the film because of its sexual immorality.

Today's resource: God's Criminal Justice System MP3 CDGod's Criminal Justice System: Does the Bible support the death penalty before the crucifixion? How about after the crucifixion? The death penalty forms the centerpiece of the Gospel. The first and last books of the Bible deal with execution, as do the Old and New Testaments generally. Enjoy this presentation of God's ideas about criminal justice. Many Christians pray for an open door to share the Gospel with a friend. That door opens with every newscast, and with the reading of every newspaper, for those who benefit from God's Criminal Justice System. Meanwhile, discover the unique style of Bob Enyart and enjoy all of his teaching tapes.

The Bible tells the story of human history and the work of God for His creation. And as all good stories do, Scripture has a plot! Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory and controversial Bible passages. So consider listening to The Plot series based on Bob’s manuscript of the same title. Then enjoy these book studies and see how the big picture can help you to better know the living God.

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