Slow News Week Picks Up with Hoosier Amy -- The Real Deal!

Amy Schlichter, executive director of Hoosiers for Life, delivered 40,000 petitions to the Indiana capitol in favor of their no-exceptions HB 1089 introduced by abolitionist hero Rep. Curt Nisly. But a certain powerful man is trying to kill the bill. Who is this man? Well, if you were an unborn child, he's one of the scariest people who could ever cross your path. He's what is called a pro-life Republican politician. He's the stuff of children's nightmares. Indian's Rep. Ben Smaltz is trying to kill the bill. We would love to see a principled conservative Christian primary him. If you know an abolitionist in the Fort Wayne area, please pass along the contact info to the Liberty Defense PAC in Indiana! Also, as disussed today, 95% of biologists confirm what all honest people know, that human life begins at fertilization. And just like the Heritage Foundation regarding child killing regulations, Indiana Right To Life, which only ever opposes bills to actually end abortion, can't be trusted even on the simplest matters, like statistics.