RSR's List of Evidence Against Global Warming

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Update Dec 2023: Dr. Paul Homan, Director of Meteorology, refutes the climate "crisis", exposing the big elephant in the room and the fake news media. 

Bob Enyart reading Time magazine's 2019 global warming edition

RSR's List of Evidence Against Global Warming: (Updated June 20, 2020. Hear also, Al Gore's Inconvenient Facts nemesis Wrightstone on RSR.) Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart below and on this radio broadcast lists the evidence against any climate crisis with Calvin Beisner. The Cornwall Alliance founder is the primary author of the letter to Pope Francis on global warming and one of the world's leading experts on the politically-motivated "science"  allegation that human beings are significantly harming the climate. Highly qualified, Dr. Beisner updates us here at Real Seal Science Radio on the evidence and the latest developments in the controversy. (This maintained list is occasionally updated.)

Growing Jackson glacier at Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana...* Montana Glaciers Keep Growing (despite the hopes of the Nat'l Park Service, etc.): See the 2019 photo from the overlook for the Jackson Glacier on the Going-to-the-Sun Road which the government publishes specific concerns about its melting. However, this famous glacier has grown about 30 percent in the last decade.

Global warming hockey stick* Missing Hockey Stick Data: From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file, the data has gone missing for that infamous “hockey stick” graph, admits the lead scientist. But Michael Mann lost his own multi-million dollar lawsuit on this against anti-alarmist climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. And Mann's other unwise lawsuit, against Mark Steyn, is also revealing the fraud behind the fraud.

* Most U.S. Heat Records Still from the 1930s: Just as the founder of the Weather Channel rejects the alleged climate crisis, in August 2019 the founder of Accuweather reminded us of this:

[O]ver the last 30 years, Kansas City [as an example] has averaged only 4.8 days a year at 100 degrees or higher, which is only one-quarter of [its] frequency of days at 100 degrees or higher in the 1930s. ... 37 of the 50 states have an all-time high temperature record not exceeded for more than 75 years. Given these numbers and the decreased frequency of days of 100 degrees or higher, it cannot be said that either the frequency or magnitude of heat waves is more common today.

When I need advice, I turn to an angry teenager.* Amazon Not Lungs of the World: If the entire Amazon forest were removed, mankind would not notice a decrease in Earth's available oxygen and the Amazon does not give us 20% of our available oxygen!

* Warming Ended Almost 20 Years Ago: The UK's National Weather Service, the Met Office, released global weather data in 2012 showing that the slight 16-year warming trend from 1981 to 1997 had then been followed by 16 years of cooling. The Met's finding is roughly consistent with the U.N.'s own "Pause in Warming" finding. As Britain's Daily Mail put it, "Global warming stopped 16 years ago."
 - PauseGate follows 2015 Paris Climate Conference as a top NOAA scientist exposes NOAA's own fraudulent report designed to "debunk" all the bad news that the world isn't heating up.
 - Climategate follows 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference as a thousand confidential emails are released documenting, among other things, the intentional illegal destruction of inconvenient data subject to a Freedom of Information request.

* Sea Levels Decreasing, Seal Levels Increasing, and Science Journal Publishes Fraud: Really. The Nov. 2017 paper published by the journal Earth Systems and Environment reports the latest example of climate alarmists faking the evidence tampering with sea level data by lowering historical record levels and increasing more recent levels. Further, from 2009 to 2016, contradicting doomsday predictions, seal leve has lowered in "hot spots" like D.C. and New York. Meanwhile, a career-long professional environmentalist turned climate skeptic reports why the the designation "threatened" for bearded seals is completely invalid. And, please forgive the hyperbole in the title of this section. It's not that the seals are increasing, but that their population is "perfectly robust", even though designated as "threatened" based on what might happen to them by the year 2100. Right.

RSR's List of the Top Anti-Global Warming Websites
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SAVE TIME with this Google-based 
Simultaneous Search of Top Anti-Global Warming Sites!

* UN, NOAA, & AMS Scientists Breaking Ranks, Exposing Fraud. RSR thanks Climate Depot for assembling most of these references. To add a UN, CRU, Met, AMS, or NOAA scientist, please email your suggestion to
- U.S. NOAA scientist John Bates, 2017, exposes deception in major NOAA climate change paper in the journal Science
- UN IPCC environmental physical chemist Kiminori Itoh, on climate "scandal"
- UN IPCC atmospheric chemist Steven Japar, actual temperature data refutes climate models
- UN IPCC climatologist John Christy reports science distortion by lead authors of crisis papers 
- UN IPCC environmental scientist Kenneth Green, death spiral for climate alarmism 
- UN IPCC meteorologist Hajo Smit urged by Gore to look at the science becomes a "solid skeptic"
- UN IPCC nuclear physicist Philip Lloyd, our CO2 is insignificant and IPCC distorts the science
- UN IPCC expert reviewer physical chemist Vincent Gray, IPCC claims are dangerous nonsense
- UN IPCC metallurgist Tom Tripp and an IPCC greenhouse gas emissions author, dissents  
- U.S. AMS, Nat'l Weather Service, & Cornell statistician, the climate "crisis" is anti-science
- and many other UN scientists sound the alarm against the UN's climate fraud
- as do former NASA and countless other highly credentialed scientists, like Cliff Ollierhere.
- and as an honorable mention, Jim Steele  25-year director of San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism.


* Disgracing the Name NOAA: Mankind has learned that conclusions are often motivated by political correctness. But one could hope that the "data" itself, including regarding global warming, would be spared much of the bias. Hope no longer. Yet another reason to distrust even the "raw" data published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA vs. the credible Noah) emerged with their fabricated "record heat" data for locations in Africa and the Middle East for the month of Sept. 2016. See also the infamous climatologist Phil Jones admitting to the practice of making up data (which of course always was skewed toward global warming) and see the graph (left) that demonstrates the unreliability of "official" temperature records (green) as compared to actually reliable (red and blue) satellite data. While Noah's reputation stands, that of his namesake has taken a dive.

* 650 Climate Experts Dispute Global Warming: The physicist fired by Al Gore adds name to Senate list of 650 anti-alarmists. Really.

* 1,000 Scientists Doubt Global Warming Claims: Check out this great list over at!

* 9,000 Ph.D.s Sign Anti-Global Warming Petition: WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh reports that "9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties - have signed a petition rejecting 'global warming'".

* 31,000 Scientists Sign Anti-Global Warming Petition: When they say consensus, consensus, doubt the consensus. Now that the warming ended 19 years ago, the report by BEL friend, WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh, is especially interesting, that "More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. ... have signed a petition rejecting 'global warming'". Many of those who reject God end up as dirt worshipers and become doomsayer prophets warning that "The End is Near," in hopes of getting others to worship the creation rather than the Creator. One of the signatories, Ph.D. in atmospheric science who has specialized in remote sensing research for the U.S. government for 30 years is a friend of Real Science Radio, Dr. Ed Holroyd. (See though the 95% of 5,000 biologists from around the world who observe that human life begins at...) 

* Actual Satellite Land Temperature Data Shows Record Cooling: The year 2016 shows record global cooling over land according to Remote Sensing Systems. Unlike the missing hockey stick data (and consistent with NASA's measured 2016 sea level decrease) the satellite data behind this stunning chart is real and comes from state-of-the-art technology:


* No Correlation of CO2 & Temp Over "Geological Time": RSR, the home of the classic List of Not So Old Things, recognizes that most climate scientists hold to an age of the Earth of more than four billion years. During much of that alleged time, it is also held that temperatures had been much higher than today and analysis has not been able to document a correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature on global and climate scales. Thus the central claim of the warming alarmists is contradicted by their own worldview:

graph of no correspondence between co2 and temperature allegedly over 4 billion years

 * 2017 Update on Extreme Weather Not Complying with the Agenda: From, "nearly all extreme weather is declining or at or near record lows." On Eve of DC march of "climate bullies", "drought drops to record lows in U.S. as nearly all extreme weather is either declining or at or near record lows." But "It is not just droughts that are at or near record levels. On almost every measure of extreme weather, the data is not cooperating with the claims of the climate change campaigners. Tornadoes, floods, droughts, and hurricanes are failing to fit in with the global warming narrative."

* Climate Film  on RSR: To help build the theater audience for the one-night-only Fathom Event film, Climate Hustle, Bob Enyart aired brief interviews with writer and producer Craig Rucker and with Dr. Bonner Cohen, one of the senior policy analysts behind the film.

Calvin Biesner, Cornwall Alliance, open letter to Pope Francis against global warming
Calvin Biesner

* CO2 and Albedo Cloud Reflection Updates: Further corroborating Bob Enyart's long-time point, agreed to by Beisner, that increased temperature creates increased evaporation, which increases the cloud cover, which increases the Earth's albedo reflecting more of the sun's energy into space, thus helping to regulate worldwide temperatures that allow life to thrive on our fine-tuned planet. Interestingly then, in October 2015, a former climate modeler for Australia's Greenhouse Office, an engineer with six degrees in applied mathematics, reported finding a flaw in climate model handling of carbon dioxide which reduces by about 90% the extent to which the gas would effect warming. Separately he does raise the issue of "albedo modulation", but we predict that he will soon be found to be wrong on that part of his claim. :) Regardless though, we like this engineer's affirmation of what we've long said here, that the Sun causes global warming.

* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: In Malibu this summer Bob Enyart warned Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution. That presentation is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:

* More Arctic Ice and anti-IPCC IPCC Scientists: The Earth, the best-known ice maker in the universe, made a half-a-million square miles of Arctic ice more in 2013 than it did the previous summer. And check out these IPCC and other UN scientists blasting the UN's IPCC. And then there's the enormous matter of the Little Ice Age , 500 years of especially cold temps in the Middle Ages with rivers like the Thames freezing solid during the half century of the Maunder Minimum!

* Even more Arctic Ice: Now there's even way more Arctic ice in 2014 which falsifies Al Gore's claim that by the summer of 2014, the North Pole would be ice-free.

* Warming Scientists Ignore Most of Russia's Temperatures: The Climate Research Unit (CRU) in Britain tampered with climate data cherry picking the warmest stations.  

* The Weather Phenomenon Known as the Gore Effect: Link directly to this item with Ironic record-breaking snowfalls, cold snaps, and blizzards, and accumulated ice have a tendency to cancel global warming events, coincide with global warming alarmism news, and accompany Al Gore's climate talks. For example, from the You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up file...
The USS Al Gore (fictional ship) covered in ice :)- 2018 6 feet of snow in 6 days for Davos' global economic & climate talks
- 2017 Below freezing temps and a "slew of snow" to meet premier of Al Gore's videotaped-lecture-like sequel
- 2017 Simultaneous headlines of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Siberia long before winter with the politically correct Moody's Investors Service's warning it may downgrade bond ratings for governments that don't address global warming.
- 2017 Gore's global warming sequel plays to major U.S. August chill  
- 2016 Arctic global warming expedition stuck in ice; hadn't even reached the arctic circle!
- 2016 Department of the Interior protesters stood in snow and 20 degree temps on day with minus 10 degree low
- 2013 Antarctic global warming scientists rescued from too much ice after third icebreaker had abandoned effort!
- 2012 Rio de Janeiro's Int'l Climate Conference attendees shivered in the coldest June temps in recorded history!  
- 2009 Global warming trek makes it less than halfway to the north pole due to cold!
- 2009 Journalists for Copenhagen's Global Warming conference stuck for hours in near-freezing cold
- 2009 Expected "biggest warming protest" ever froze out in D.C. as snow keeps even the Speak of the House away 
- 2008 London's first October snow since 1922 chills Parliament's global warming debate
Gore Effect- 2008 Gore's doomsday warming talk at Harvard greeted by near 125-year low temperatures   
- 2007 prediction of less ice around Antarctica leads to 2013 reversal that global warming produces too much ice!
- 2007 Global warming hearing in D.C. canceled due to snow and ice storm and then...
- 2006 Gore decries global warming in bitterly cold NYC
- "My Father God can whoop your Mother Earth," said Bob Enyart, "but regardless, it just may be that you can't fool even her." Feel free to send your favorite example to Thanks!

* Sees 52 Explanations for Warming Pause: The global warming industry explains the 18-year pause in more ways than there are to skin a cat!

* Head of UN's IPCC Resigns in Scandal: Resigning in 2015 amidst a sexual harassment scandal, rather than having brought a cool scientific mind to the job, the outgoing head propagandist of the UN's International Panel on Climate Change, zealot Rajendra Pachauri, admits that to him fighting climate change is a religion.

Hysterical Warming List: now up to 883 results (many contradictory, like warming making fish bigger, and smaller). Possibly the funniest result is that climate change prevents us from seeing aliens! (If ever Stephen Hawking would have thought of that, it would have made our broadcast event even more bizarre.)

Real Science's climate expert Steven Goddard shows gvt data tampering

* NOAA Altering U.S. Temperature Data: From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file, Real Science's climate expert Steven Goddard documented that the U.S. government has been fudging with stubborn thermometer readings. The extensive U.S. historical temperature collection throughout the 1900s is the envy of much of the world. Yet because it shows that the U.S. has not warmed but cooled since the 1930s, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, pronounced Noah :) has been systematically altering the data, to show an increase instead of a decrease. Note the bouncing circles in the chart on the right. They show a decrease when using actual thermometer readings; they show an increase after "adjusted" to make the data consistent with the global warming scare.

* December 2015 Update on Temperature Adjustment Scam: A study led by an experienced meteorologist, presented at the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, demonstrates that NOAA is using poorly positioned thermometers, near encroaching concrete buildings, air conditioner exhausts, etc., to adjust upward the readings of other, properly situated thermometers.

* December 2016 Update on $70 Billion in Savings from Weaker Hurricanes: As reported in the Wall Street Journal and contradicting the dire predictions of climate change activists, "No Category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane has made landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Wilma in 2005 [right], by far the longest such period on record. This means that cumulative economic damage from hurricanes over the past decade is some $70 billion less than the long-term average would lead us to expect..."

* Michael Fumento in the Post -- Global Warming Proof Evaporating: Michael's otherwise great iconoclastic article blunders slightly by furthering the fully-refuted myth that leaders in the day of Columbus (or any day), believed that the Earth was flat. Check out the Cornell history professor's article on the myth of belief that the church (or any school or any leaders) ever taught a flat earth, at Of course today the actual Flat Earth Society is going strong (bizarre, no?), and its president is an old-earth evolutionist. :)  

SUVs Can't Be the Cause for Global Warming on Mars Either...* Ice Melting on Mars: NASA documents the melting of polar ice on Mars but denies the sun is responsible and instead claims it a mere coincidence that Mars and Earth simultaneously experienced minor warming. National Geographic reported results from NASA's Mars missions, that for three summers in a row at the planet's south pole Mars' polar ice cap has been melting. (NG has purged this scientifically important yet politically incorrect article so thankfully it is preserved at and at RSR.) Compared to Mars we're 48 million miles closer to Sun. So Mars' significant laboratory-like heating presents either a coincidence or evidence that here on Earth our global-warming scientists are wrong to ignore the Sun in their assigning blame for any melting ice. Also, just sayin', there are only two Mars SUVs.

* From the RThe Cooling, chapter 7: The Politics of Global Cooling :)SR Program Global Cooling -- The Book: To provide historical perspective regarding the unauthorized release of scientists' embarrassing emails, just click on that link to hear Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney discuss The Cooling by atheist author (and editor of Michael Shermer's Skeptic Magazine) Lowell Ponte, on global cooling. That's just too ironic. Also discussed is the anti-climactic (no sic) release of anti-global warming emails from the world's leading pro-global warming alarmist scientists. Bob andThe Cooling by Lowell PonteDoug crack up over the unauthorized release of these internal emails between Europe's top global warming the-end-is-near doomsday prophet scientists. Check this out also in Britain's The Guardian newspaper: "Pretending the climate email leak isn't a crisis won't make it go away."

The Cooling jacket

* Global Warming Began 135 Years Ago: Really. That's what researchers are now saying. (Perhaps that's an unintended side-effect of their lowering, as described above, temperature data from the early 1900s.) Consider also though that the Coast Guard said that ice has frozen earlier in the Great Lakes in 2014 than at any year in more than half a century.

* 2017 Phoenix So Hot Planes Are Grounded: Yes. And when Bob Enyart attended Arizona State University back in 1983 and 1984 to study computer science and AI, the 120-degree heat closed down Sky Harbor Airport back then too! (It wasn't that the planes couldn't take off, but the expanded air made landing unsafe.)

* About Us Deniers: See The Global Warming Denier Deniers and the September 2017 update from the Toronto Sun, Canada government investigating deniers.

The Cooling by Lowell Ponte

* Popular False Predictions: Carl Sagan at; Isaac Asimov at warming doomsayer Paul Ehrlich at with his predicted U.S. starvation deaths of 65 million in the 1980s; and to avoid global warming; and see also the totally unrelated yet important political report at /jeb-bush!

* Popular Trustworthy Prediction: God provided the foundation of physics for the world's climate and gave a prophecy about global climate in the book of Genesis. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease." - Genesis 8:22

* Global Warming Hypocrites: In the Greenpeace carbon scandal, leading exec commutes by chartered jet. And airline exec Richard Branson emits 7M tons of carbon! Then Al Gore's carbon footprint includes his multiple mansions and solar-paneled 100-foot houseboat and $500 million dollar payday from oil money!

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