NASA: Possible global flooding on Mars!

* Water, Water Everywhere: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney are disappointed to learn that (even after over 10 years) NASA still doesn’t know where the water on Mars came from (and NASA is still unwilling to admit that the water's presence there undermines Old Earth, Big Bang cosmology). Note to NASA, please check with:

Walt Brown…who has some suggestions for NASA regarding the water on Mars… “Discoveries of water on Mars are now so common that the subject has become the butt of jokes among planetary scientists: Congratulations—you’ve discovered water on Mars for the 1,000th time!” (as quoted in Walt’s book In the Beginning from Scientific American.)

* And Another Note on Mars: In the fourth round of Bob Enyart's written debate with atheist AronRa, taking the opportunity from Aron's claim that, "We know for certain that the world-wide flood never happened..." Bob replied, based on the following:

NASA image. Noah's flood on Mars, closer than they think
closer than they think

* Consider the Planetary Catastrophists' Earth/Mars Flood Irony: Secularists claim many planetary catastrophes while denying Earth's single flood catastrophe, even though our continents are covered more than a mile deep in sedimentary strata and the Earth is more than two-thirds covered in ocean water that averages 2.5 miles deep! Meanwhile, Mars is a global desert. Yet NASA, et al., speak of Mars' former Land of Noah (Noachis Terra) and its watery Noachian Epoch; when its fountains of the great deep "burst" forth onto the surface; with its proposed "global-scale", "catastrophic flood" or even "catastrophic floods that"¦ occurred "nearly simultaneously" which "merged into an ocean", "possibly global in extent." At a 2015 NASA press conference, NASA planetary scientist Geronimo Villanueva said of the entire planet, Mars had enough water to cover the planet to a depth of at least 137 meters, or about 450 feet. Another scientist, Jim Green, claimed that, "Two thirds of Mars' northern hemisphere was a huge ocean that may have been as much as a mile deep." The University of Edinburgh announcing a 2018 discovery spoke of "the Noachian" period of Martian history. So NASA, et al., (willfully ignorant of Earth's for Noah's fountains of the great deep) think that ocean, which disappeared because "Something happened on Mars and it suffered a major climate change and lost its surface water", helps explain why the planet is still moist. Their estimate, as in the journal Science, of "a global equivalent of water layer at least 137 meters deep" is wrong because they are misinterpreting the reason for the concentration of deuterium. (See and Yet the point is the irony that for the desert planet Mars the secular world will readily ponder a Noachian catastrophic flood possibly global in extent while pretending Earth's history could not possibly have included a global flood, despite the

* Earth: On our planet continents are covered nearly a mile deep in sedimentary strata, often with thousands of square miles of sharp contrast between horizontal layers, frequently with massive swaths of such intersections, called "flat gaps," showing little or even no evidence of erosion between those layers, and with scores of peer-reviewed articles claiming discovery of original biological material from strata allegedly tens of millions of years old (apparently all of which contains 14C and primarily non-racemized left-handed amino acids). These strata contain billions of dead things rapidly buried, such as millions of closed-shelled clams, and seashells atop the world's major mountain ranges, and millions of mammoths buried around the arctic circle, and millions of nautiloids buried in a single narrow limestone layer at the Grand Canyon. Yet secularists posit that Mars (which might have the equivalent of eight inchesof water if evenly spread over the surface from the ice at the poles and the ice presumed to be below ground) may have had global-scale flooding. And the same scientists mock anyone who offers evidence that the Earth (which is more than two-thirds covered in ocean water that averages a depth of 2.5 miles) could ever have been flooded.

* Love is All You Need? Tune in and hear about reason 955 to keep your kids out of the government schools, and yes, it involves a neck tattoo. (And make sure to hear yesterday's report on Bob's research trip to the UK.)

* Barry Declares War: President Obama says he’s “profoundly respectful” of “religious traditions”, (whatever that means)… He’s much clearer when he says: “religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.” Which means the “constitutional” right to pretend sex perverts can get married and act like they’re normal… and that anyone denying them that, at minimum will be shunned in the marketplace, and at most, can and will be thrown in jail!

Today's Resource:

Trading Genesis (for Secular Theories)

Pepperdine University in California has long enjoyed a reputation as a leading conservative Christian institution. Today, however, Pepperdine’s faculty teaches theistic evolution. Though affiliated with the Church of Christ, the theistic evolution of the school’s science and theology professors is indistinguishable from the methodological naturalism of the atheist. 

In 2015, the administration denied a request by some Pepperdine alumni to present a lecture on biblical creation. Not deterred, both longtime and recent graduates organized their own creation-evolution conference on the school’s campus and advertised it in the Malibu Times newspaper. 

The organizers invited Bob Enyart, the host of Denver-based Real Science Radio, to speak at the event held concurrently with the school's heavily-attended Bible Lectureship series. Enyart demonstrated with seven examples that the atheistic materialist worldview does not even have a theory of origins for anyone to side with. And thus, Pepperdine University has traded away special creation (and many other biblical teachings, also listed in this presentation) for absolutely nothing. 

See also Bob Enyart's debate with an acclaimed British author at Enjoy the fun science facts at And see more about this Pepperdine event at

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* Not the Bodily Inn: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney discuss Bob’s recent trip to England (and the Bodleian Library) to research Bible translations and interview scientists. Tune in to get all the details regarding the actual translation process carried out over 400 years ago! And find out which three, (or four) BIG time scientists are young earth creationists! And hear tomorrow's conclusion of Bob's UK trip report.

* Announcing Upcoming King James Only Debate: Bob Enyart and Will Duffy, of Denver Bible Church, will be debating a leader in the King James Only movement, Colorado's Will Kinney. The five-round written debate will take place on TheologyOnline beginning Monday Nov. 2 and is titled: "Is the King James Bible the Only Inspired Scripture on Earth Today? Battle Royale XIV". We'll use to keep you updated, and you can click here for KJO Debate Countdown Clock!

* Bob & Will Duffy Reporting in from England: As explained below, in preparing (or should we say repairing :) for this debate, our research has led us to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Our time here so far has born much fruit, so much so that we've put off heading out to Cambridge to continue our work here. We are grateful to Doug McBurney and the KGOV staff for keeping shop for us while we're out of the country and look forward to returning. And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy two special BEL programs and two special Real Science Radio programs that we've selected to share while we're away. May God bless you! - Bob and Will

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  - Help finance our research trip to England. [Update: This trip was wonderfully successful! - B.E. & W.D.] This is a tough one, we know, because it seems like it'd be financing someone's vacation, except that, while this will be a wonderfully enjoyable trip, this is no vacation but an extremely valuable project. Our ongoing debate research is leading Will Duffy and Bob Enyart to travel to England beginning on September 13th to access documents otherwise unavailable to the public. Regardless of how fun the trip seems, Will had to insist that Bob join him, for there is a possibility that if this research goes well, it could add real value to the collective knowledge of the Body of Christ about church history regarding Bible translation. So please consider helping by calling 800-8Enyart (836-9278) or consider giving online. Thank you SO much!

* Please pray that the correct side in this debate will prevail and that this will become a leading resource for those involved with this controversy.
* P.S. To make full use of our time in England, our Real Science Radio producer has also arranged for Bob to interview in person professors from the University of Liverpool and the University of Leeds. So please pray too for the effectiveness for these toward the saving of souls and the further equipping of believers to share the Gospel!

* RSR's Dawkins Evolution Challenge

DAWKIN'S 3-to-1 EVOLUTION CHALLENGE from RSRFrom Real Science Radio:

The Richard Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge

Research in preparation for an upcoming debate led Bob Enyart and his associate Will Duffy to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. With the success of RSR's PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (see the popular evolutionist's reply here), the guys decided to hand deliver a copy of this Dawkins 3-to-1 Challenge to the office of professor emeritus Richard Dawkins, who lectures there for a course titled, Science Literacy: Evolution for Non-Scientists

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