Theology Thursday: Jesus Was Sent to Israel

Israel and the Body of Christ: On today's Theology Thursday, Bob shows from Christ's own words that He send sent to mininster to Israel and not the gentiles. To get a great overview of the Bible that will help you understand the difference between Christ's message to Israel during His three year earthly ministry and the message He later gave the Apostle Paul for the Gentiles, consider ordering "The Plot" by Bob Enyart. And as presented by DBC's Will Duffy in one of his earlier sermons...

God and the Death Penalty: The New Testament Support for Capital Punishment is now on Youtube.This presentation demonstrates that God not only commanded the death penalty, but that the Bible continues to support the death penalty through the New Testament and that the death penalty is at the heart of the gospel.If you've ever been confused about this subject or had difficulty explaining to others why the death penalty is proper, then this is the definitive resource to clear u that confusion and help you make the case from the Bible.

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Today's Resource: The Plot

The Bible Gets Easier to Understand:

Apparent contradictions plague many Bible students. The Plot demonstrates how hundreds of such contradictions disappear when the reader applies the big picture of the Bible to its details. Tunnel vision focuses so narrowly on a problem that the solution often lies just out of view. As the pastor of Denver Bible Church, Bob Enyart teaches Christians how to use the whole counsel of God to understand the plot of the Bible and solve biblical mysteries.

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