In Solidarity with those Insensitive to Islam

HPT Conference 2023

Coming soon! 2023 (Sept. 21-23) Hydroplate Conference

Mid Atlantic Ridge forming

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  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?


From Bob Enyart, in solidarity...

Bob Enyart, in solidarity...











* Officer Down: Bob Enyart grieved the murder of a French police officer by Muslim terrorists (excuse the redundancy) outside of the headquarters, and the murders of eleven others, at the headquarters of a magazine that mocks the prophet Muhammad. Sadly, the Obama administration had previously criticized some of those murdered by Muslim terrorist (excuse the redundancy) for being "insensitive" to Islam. Meanwhile, we Christians can help increase our national security by exposing the lies of Islam and by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

* See for the best definition of terrorism, and other important insights.