Callers Help Bob Air Today's Show

These days we often don't ask for callers because at only 28 minutes long, the show goes by way too quickly to develop a topic and for callers to then respond with questions, and also, because a few years back the liberals (pro-aborts, homosexuals, pacifists, atheists, socialists, Republicans, evolutionists, etc.) decided to recommend against their side calling into BEL, judging that it never really went all that well for them (see :) Today though, Bob Enyart asks callers to phone in to help him with today's program because his voice is giving him a hard time (and he specifically asked everyone to refrain from sending along any health recommendations. So, we got a couple great calls, and also exciting, no health advice! After 25 years on the air, many hundreds of listeners have squandered the precious little time that Bob has had talking with them by insisting on discussing health remedies, nutrition, herbs, oils, diagnoses, etc., by which Bob has received literally thousands of (often conflicting) suggestions, and wishes that he could have that time back so that he could actually have gotten to know each of these people a bit better! :)