Archbishop Cupich vs. Archbishop Chaput and BEL

* AB vs. AB & Bob: Bob Enyart sides with one against the other in a high-profile disagreement between two Roman Catholic archbishops; then describes the "seamless garment" as being fabricated out of whole cloth; and finally throws a monkey wrench into the works by bringing up the death penalty.

* BEL YouTube Channel Nearing 90,000 Views: Thanks for helping us turn around the formerly neglected BEL YouTube channel. Our goal in the spring was 100,000 views by year's end, and Lord willing we will achieve that. We're getting ready to release a powerful 9-minute video of an unauthorized recording from a National Right To Life board meeting. Separately, some of our video titles lead them to be found more by the general public than by our own friends, and as a result those videos may start out getting "Thumbs Down". To try to thwart that from gaining momentum perhaps you can "Thumbs Up" our "Clue that Breaks the Case" video about JonBenet Ramsey's murder (of course, only if you like it):  


* Worst Abortion Video Yet -- Intact Living Fetus: BEL's contribution to the viral PP videos phenomenon...