Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 3

On Tony Campolo: From, "It was that woman You gave me." Campolo says he reversed his position on homosexuality after his wife introduced him to nice gay couples. So as BEL listener Tom from Texas pointed out, "At least he has an excuse."  

Godly Leaders: Bob presents part three of a four-part series on the biblical qualifications for church leadership.

Resource: 1 Timothy Bible Study

Find out why Paul writes to his beloved disciple Timothy about violent crime and gross sexual immorality. And glean fascinating truths from God?s qualifications for pastors and elders. For example, what does the Bible teach concerning the drinking of wine? Is it ok for a Christian to have beer and pizza (with pepperoni no less?) And what does the Bible really say about elders and pastors drinking alcohol? Also, learn why God prohibited a church from providing welfare support for a widow under sixty years of age. 

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