2nd Planned Parenthood Undercover Body Parts Video

* Baby Parts for Sale: Bob Enyart briefly mentions some of the high profile criminal cases involving pot including Trayvon Martin, Tuscon massacre murderer James Loughner, James Holmes, the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Ferguson's Michael Brown, Baltimore's Freddie Gray, Jodi Arias, and Chattanooga terrorist Muhammad Abdulazeez. Then BEL airs the audio track from the viral undercover video of Dr. Mary Gatter, the president of Planned Parenthood's Medical Director's Council, haggling over the price of organs harvested from the children she aborts.

* The Second Video:

* Real Science Radio's Contribution

* Debate Highlights Video at 1,999 Views
: Can someone watch this 2-minute video and push it over the 2,000 views threshhold? :) Bob's debate with theologian Dr. James White lead to a shocking (though not unexpected) denial of the most fundamental Christian doctrine from Dr. White and from R.C. Sproul Jr. Count the times Bob asks James White the same question (five), and note Dr. White's answer in the affirmative each time. Then, immediately after the debate, Sproul and White deny the central tenet of Christianity that Bob was asking about, and James denied even having answered the question.  

* The Question Asked Five Times: After 30 years of discussing and debating theology on this particular point, Bob continued to press this issue knowing that it would eventually expose a deep flaw in popular theology. James White was able to stay consistent during the debate (answering as he knew the audience, at Denver's historic Brown Palace, expected that he would) but in the debate aftermath, he contradicted himself by denying that he answered this question in the affirmative, which he did, five time. Along with Sproul, White evidently realized that his entire theological system, based on an extreme and unbiblical form of utter immutability, was severely challenged by the central Christian doctrine that God the Son took on a human nature. Those who love these two reformed leaders might want to urge them to reaffirm their unqualified commitment to the Incarnation. For we are already seeing some of their followers spread this resurfaced variation of the ancient Nestorian heresy.