Dobson & The Fall of Western Civilization (circa 1992)

* The Duke & Duchess of Normalcy: Bob & co- host Doug McBurney open the broadcast with thanks to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge for not being homosexuals, for not killing their baby, and for proving that, despite popular perception and despite the efforts of the pop culture, the U.S. Supreme Court, Hollywood, Hillary & the Humanists, that normal families still exist.

* James Dobson & the Fall: …in case you weren’t paying attention, the fall of Western Civilization that James Dobson is warning us about occurred over 20 years ago, when James Dobson legitimized homosexuality via Focus on the Family’s “equal rights, not special rights” campaign in 1992. But now Mr. Dobson has an opportunity to redeem himself by pointing out the terrible end to which that failed strategy has brought us, and encouraging Christians to Civil Disobedience should the impending Supreme Court opinion go against God.