Pothead Kills at Planned Parenthood

* Schizo-Magneto-Field: Bob points out to co-host Doug McBurney that Colorado’s legalization of Marijuana has created a magnet for mentally ill, pervert pot-heads like the Colorado Planned Parenthood killer.

* The Terror Double Standard: Have you noticed that the left refuses to equate Islam with terrorism, even though thousands of Moslem Imams publicly advocate for it, while as soon as one nut case shoots up a Planned Parenthood, the entire anti-abortion community is smeared as terrorists?

* Officer Garrett Swasey: was a pro-life Christian police officer who exemplified the attitude of pro-life Christians when he gave his life defending the people under attack at Planned Parenthood.

* December 2016 Update: On Christmas Eve, asked to provide input to PayPal after a transaction, Bob Enyart wrote this:

PayPal, please don't support the dismemberment of unborn children by abortion. If Planned Parenthood were ripping the limbs off of fetal pigs, there would be outrage. Folks despise even pulling the wings off of bugs. But dismembering the tiniest boys and girls? That's politically correct. Please don't succumb.

* PayPal Pays for Abortion -- So Should We Boycott PayPal? Over the years listeners have contacted us with their valid concern about PayPal donating money to kill unborn children. Unless their executives ask God to forgive them, on Judgment Day, when they stand before Christ, those businessmen will pay for this wickedness. And of course, PayPal is owned by eBay, so child killing stains them also. And even worse, Walmart, the largest grocery chain in the U.S. and the world's largest employer, actually sells abortions. Each of their in-store pharmacies distributes chemical abortifacients like the "Morning After Pill", also called "Plan B", which is designed to kill a child if the woman happened to conceive in the previous day or so. Likewise, Google provides enormous support, direct and indirect, including "in kind" services, to the abortion industry, as does AmazonFacebook, and the Tech Industry generally. By extrapolating from our own experience, a pro-lifer's local Hospital and Bank probably also support abortion. So do virtually all leading major Entertainment Industry firms including DisneyABCNBCCBS, the major Book PublishersCable and Satellite TV Providers, the leading Film Production Companies, and Theater Chains. Even the Fox News Channel, which speaks against the small percentage of late-term abortions, is mostly supportive of  laws and politicians who advocate killing children in the first few months of their lives, which includes the vast majority of all abortions. Evidently, sufficient research would generate a list of hundreds of major corporations, airlines, restaurant chains, and so on that advocate the killing of innocent children, both directly (like the Komen Foundation against breast cancer which funds Planned Parenthood) and indirectly. Of course, there is no moral obligation for a Christian to boycott all of these murderous organizations, "since then you would need to go out of the world" as the Apostle Paul put it in the New Testament. So here are some suggestions that BEL has for a pro-lifer.

1) Because you live in the modern world, you are not going to be able to boycott all the organizations known to support child killing (or that support atheism, homosexuality, pornography, socialism, etc.).
2) It's okay to acknowledge that it's easier to boycott a business that we may not really use much anyway, as compared to boycotting services that someone may use a lot, like Walmart, Amazon, or Fox News.
3) It's a perfectly acceptable thing for someone to pick a pro-abortion company to boycott even if that same person is not boycotting other pro-abortion companies, like Walmart, Google, United Airlines, etc.
4) It's important when telling others about your own boycott preferences, as we have often done here at BEL, to make it clear that of course, "We would need to go out of the world to boycott all known pro-abortion companies, but in case you didn't know, XYZ is one of those many companies."

Finally, many salesmen who sell payment and credit card processing alternatives use PayPal's abortion funding in their marketing efforts. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as they also acknowledge that they themselves use many services from abortion-supporting organizations and that boycotting PayPal is not a moral requirement but an opportunity for which the pros can cons can be weighed.